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Pavel Mozheiko and Nikolai Markevich of Belarus

Pavel Mozheiko and Nikolai Markevich of Belarus

  • Author: Global Importune
  • Date Posted: Dec 3, 2002
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  • Address: Belarus

Our groups letters of concern helped release Pavel Mozheiko and Nikolai Markevich of Belarus.

On June 21, 2002, Pavel Mozheiko and Nikolai Markevich were sentenced to two and two-and-a-half year terms, respectively, for allegedly raising widely-held concerns about the alleged involvement of high ranking Belarusian officials in the “disappearances” of several leading opposition figures in 1999.

Nikolai Markevich, aged 40, and Pavel Mozheiko, aged 23, were transferred to living quarters in guarded barracks located in the far eastern regions of Belarus, hundreds of kilometers from home. The men were subjected to forced labor for the duration of their sentences and have to return each evening to their barracks, where conditions are reportedly poor.

The Global Importune letter signing group began sending letters of concern on behalf of Pavel Mozheiko and Nikolai Markevich to officials in the Belarus government.

He was were RELEASED on December 3, 2002.

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