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Maher Arar of Canada

Maher Arar of Canada

  • Author: Global Importune
  • Date Posted: Oct 7, 2003
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Our Group’s Letters of Concern Helped Release Maher Arar of Canada.

Maher Arar

Maher Arar

Maher Arar is a Canadian Syrian citizen held in Syria In 2001, he was held in solidarity confinement in the U.S. for nearly two weeks, questioned, and denied meaningful access to a lawyer. The U.S. Government suspected him of being a member of Al Qaeda and deported him, not to Canada, his home since 1987, but to his native Syria, even though the nation is known to use torture on suspects. He was detained in Syria for almost a year, during which time he was regularly tortured, according to the findings of the Arar Commission.

The Global Importune letter signing group began sending letters of concern on behalf of Maher Arar to officials in the government of the United States of America sometime around July 2003.

The national and international outcry helped secured the release of Maher Arar on October 7, 2003.

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