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Looking for a guest speaker?

Looking for a guest speaker?

Looking for a guest speaker? Look no further!

Global Importune is a non-profit human rights organization actively involved in our community.

In an effort to increase public awareness of human rights, members of our speakers’ bureau are available upon request to speak at your local group events.

Some of the presentation topics include:

  • Human Rights – The Basics: What everyone should know about their human rights
  • Activism 101: How to make your voice[s] heard
  • What Global Importune does and how it has managed to be so successful in the process
  • Torture 101: Why and Why Not
  • Top ten things about United States Human Rights violations you didn’t know
  • Persecuted writers: How you can help
  • Top ten reasons to join Amnesty International
  • The United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights

If you would like a Global Importune professional to speak to your group. We can tailor a human  rights lecture to your subject specifics.  For more information about Global Importune, who we are and how we have managed to be so successful.

Get Involved

If you feel the work we do is important, we would like you to be a part of it.

  1. “Like” us on Facebook and check the site daily for information about released prisoners.
  2. Become a living witness and Share our group’s successes to others.
  3. Email Mark Konrad at and say “I would like to help release amnesty international political prisoners, please tell me how.”
  4. All of the above

There is never a fee to become a member of Global Importune.